Innovation and creativity as DNA

Innovation, like R&D, is part of the company's genes. From the beginning, Sturgeon has made it a point of honour to work on the continuous improvement of its practices and products at all levels.

For example, we were the first to use ultrasound scanners to sort sturgeons. These techniques are now used worldwide by all breeders.

R&D and innovation apply to all levels of the company, from fish production (where we work with internationally renowned scientific partners on topics such as genetics, nutrition, animal health or water quality), to the marketing of innovative products (such as the ONE developed in 2013 or research on preservatives) to the food workshop (where several research programs are underway on understanding the process and improving our caviar).

The reputation that Sturgeon has managed to build in the past is based on its pioneering and innovative character. Today, we are firmly convinced that innovation is essential to maintain our leadership position in a market that has become extremely competitive.