Quelle quantité choisir ?

Which quantity to choose?

It is very easy to enjoy a small amount of caviar. A 15g box can be a first step to taste the product with a spoon, even in pairs, accompanied by a glass of Champagne.

A 30g box can be used as an aperitif for 4 people and a 50g box as a more generous aperitif.

Of course, heavy weights will always look great for exceptional and festive meals.

The Sturia collection is made up of such a variety of caviar selections that it is often more interesting to taste several of them at dinner or as an aperitif, in order to compare them and exchange with your guests. Here are some examples:

15g of Oscietra and 15g of Vintage for a caviar discovery with 2 species of fish, for 2 or 3 people
30g of Primeur and 30g of Vintage for a shellfish and fish starter for 6 people
15g of Primeur, 15g of Vintage and 15g of Origin for a trip in the maturing of caviar for 4 people
It is also interesting to combine caviars with different wines or Champagnes.