How to cook your Sturia caviar?

Caviar is a wonderful ingredient that will enhance your dishes.

The Sturia collection offers a wide range of possible combinations with the most varied dishes.
The caviar will play like a condiment, salt and iodize the dishes.

There are three rules to follow:

1. The more powerful the staple food in the recipe, the more refined the caviar must be.
2. Caviar must always be placed at the end, at the time of dressing.
3. Caviar must not be cooked

Here are some examples of associations, it's up to you to use your creativity!

- Primeur caviar goes well with raw shellfish and fish, which enhance its freshness.
- Vintage caviar is suitable for warm preparations: fish, eggs, pasta...
- Origin caviar is suitable for hot dishes and combinations that will enhance its power: even some red meats!

What quantities
a small spoon of tasting: 2g
a nice spoon: 5g
on one input: 8g
on a plate: 10g

Serve with caviar
a glass of raw Champagne
a glass of dry white wine
a struck vodka