The elaboration of Caviar

Comprehensive Expertise, ‘from Egg to Egg’.

Sturgeon Farming Is A Very Long, Painstaking Process. 
After obtaining fry from our best spawners, we have to wait 3 years before we can use ultrasound techniques to determine the sturgeons’ sex. Sturgeon was the first company to use ultrasonographs for sexing and determining egg maturity.
Females are then farmed in ponds for approximately 8 years until they reach maturity.

Further ultrasounds and a biopsy (to taste the caviar and check its quality) help us decide when to fish the sturgeon. Caviar is a seasonal product and sturgeon are fished between September and March.

An 8-year-old female sturgeon weighs about ten kilos and yields approximately 10% of her weight in caviar.

Caviar Is Produced Using Traditional Methods.

Our caviar is made in accordance with traditional expertise: the grains are carefully hand-sieved, washed in clean water, mixed with salt and tinned – nothing more! The caviar is then matured naturally in our maturation rooms.

This traditional expertise releases all of caviar's balanced, hazelnut flavours. The crunchy eggs are lightly salted using the Malossol method, which brings out their unrivalled flavour and length on the palate.