How to enjoy your Sturia caviar?

Succeed in your tasting...

Caviar is very sensitive to temperature variations. The box must be kept closed and stored in the bottom of your refrigerator until the time of tasting.

Place crushed ice in a dish, hollow plate or caviar service and place the caviar box on top.

It is not necessary to open the box in advance, on the contrary, the opening is part of the ceremony in front of your guests. To open the box (which is sealed under vacuum), lever it with a spoon or use our Sturia key.

There is no need to mix or add any condiment, caviar is sufficient on its own.

Serve immediately with teaspoons of mother-of-pearl, porcelain, nylon or wood, but avoid metal that oxidizes caviar.

Spoon tasting is the simplest and most convivial way to enjoy caviar because it is the only way to appreciate its subtle flavours. If, however, you want to accompany your tasting with supports, favour neutral tastes and banish sugar. Caviar can be served with crème fraîche, blinis, soft-boiled eggs, chunks of ratte potato...